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You have an absolute assurance that we will do our very best to take good care of your slides, negatives or prints from the moment we receive them to the point of dispatch back to you. This is our main priority. Of course, we also undertake to provide as good a service as we can in terms of producing your scanned and/or printed images to the best quality possible.

It is possible to compensate for under-exposed and over-exposed film, but only up to a point and it is to be expected that, in these circumstances, it may be necessary to accept a compromise solution.

In a similar vein, we will note that some slides and negatives, which appear to the naked eye to be clean and unblemished, may, in fact, have significant surface deposits. While we are happy to airbrush each slide, more serious cleaning is time consuming and that is a service that we can only offer at an extra charge. If the surface deposits are significant then we may contact you for advice or we may simply accept that the quality of the scanned image may suffer to some extent. This is always a judgement call and we will do our best to reach the best solution in the circumstances.

It is worth noting that Royal Mail offers an optional Consequential Loss Compensation if you are sending items via its Special Delivery service. This is intended to offer compensation for items - such as negatives and/or slides - which have a relatively low material value, but which, of course, can have a very high value in personal terms. You may wish to consider this, but would need to add the cost to both your, and our, postage costs if using it. In all cases, our own liability will be limited solely to costs of materials.

While we always use only quality branded media CDs and DVDs and while we ensure that each is checked before being dispatched, it is possible that they may become corrupted for reasons outwith our control. We will be happy to replace them if this is the case when you receive them. We will also note that any additional DVD slideshows should run perfectly well on any modern DVD player. We cannot guarantee, however, that all older players will necessarily read them.

In all of this, we are making the assumption that you have copyright on any images that you ask us to process and that your placing an order and sending the images to us constitutes acceptance of that.

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